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July Special: 20% off on Gel and Naked Manicures

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Elegance at Your Fingertips

Russian manicure and e-Filing

Elevate your nail experience with our latest technique Russian manicure. We pride ourselves on mastering the intricate Russian manicure technique, where cuticles are impeccably cleaned to highlight the natural beauty of your nails. Coupled with e-filing, a precise and efficient electronic method, we sculpt and shape to perfection, ensuring an exquisite finish that speaks of sophistication and care. Experience the blend of tradition and technology, and let your hands tell a story of elegance.

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Refined Nail Treatments


Discover our expert Russian manicure technique and precise e-filing for a flawless, sophisticated finish that marries tradition with technology, elevating your nail journey to elegance.


Experience our comprehensive pedicure services: from smart pedicures and e-file toe treatments to expert heel work and callus removal, ensuring perfectly pampered feet


We prioritise your safety with medical-grade autoclave sterilisation, ensuring a luxurious yet safe experience - it's another way we make it all about U

Nail Art

Unleash your creativity with our nail art services: explore dazzling foils, intricate stamping, and vibrant stickers for a bespoke touch of elegance



Russian Manicure
Manicure Treatments
  • Naked Manicure
    From $60
  • Gel Manicure
    From $95
  • Hard Gel
    From $115
Russian Pedicure
Pedicure Treatments
  • Naked Pedicure
    From $80
  • Gel or Nail Polish Pedicure
    From $95
Additional Charges
  • Removal Gel without Manicure/Pedicure
  • Removal Acrylic/Hard Gel without Manicure
  • Removal SNS without Manicure
Additional Services
  • Long nails

    Free edge 1cm+

  • Extensions/repair
    from $5

    Per nail

  • Nail Design
    from $5

    For 2 nails; Foil, dots, lines, stamping, stickers

  • Nail Design
    from $20

    For 10 nails; Cat eye, chrome powder

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Step into Elegance: Precision, Care, and Rejuvenation for Your Feet.

Indulge your feet in our transformative pedicure services tailored for modern elegance and deep rejuvenation. Start with our smart pedicure, designed to efficiently enhance the natural beauty of your feet. For those seeking precision, our e-file toes pedicure offers meticulous shaping and buffing, ensuring each toe mirrors perfection. Delve deeper into care with our specialized heel work, targeting and rectifying cracks and dryness. Furthermore, our expert callus removal ensures the softest, silkiest finish, letting your feet feel as luxurious as they look. Come, experience a pedicure that truly stands apart.

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My home studio has everything needed to make getting a manicure or a pedicure a great and relaxing experience.

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We are located in the heart of beautiful Port Melbourne, 5 mins away from a tram stop and with plenty of parking nearby

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